Blue For East Broadway

by Barton Stanley David

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released 28 June 2012

BSD: acoustic and electric guitars, piano, vocals
Nathan MacCormack: cello
Nicholas Kinsey: drums
Chris Anderson: bass
Dan Teicher: guitar
Oli Rockberger: piano

Recorded by Nadim Issa at Let Em In Music
Mixed by John Agnello (Fluxivity Recording) and Nadim Issa
Mastering: Greg Calbi (Sterling Sound) and Joe LaPorta (The Lodge)
Produced by Dan Teicher and Barton Stanley David
Written by Barton Stanley David (Fall18 Music ASCAP)
Album photo by Sean Donnola



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Keep It To Forget
Walking as these streets become my church
A temple with a thousand different names
If you won't let me have you to myself
Think I'm just gonna play with someone else

It's good to see you holding what you wanted
God, that must be something you just figured out
Cause you never told me what you needed
I keep it in mind to forget you, but I don't know how

Only got these windows down till the dark
The shouts across the block help me get some sleep
I have just who I like inside my bed
To let you know this soul aint yours to keep
Track Name: Blue For East Broadway
Hold on my sister
Pull up those sheets
Don't you dance better up on your feet

Stand up my brother
Aint no time to sleep
There's a rage coming down on the streets

And something's got these sirens screaming red
But I'm blue for East Broadway

Train bound for Bethel
Got a matchbook that says
Strike a light up for peace, keep the rest

It's dark, but this woodland
Has colors unsold
Guess the seasons believe what they're told

Cause something's got these leaves all screaming red
But I'm blue for East Broadway
Track Name: World Got My Head
Hopeless to hope I go
And then I circle back
Running from these thieves
They're chasing hard down my own track

And I don't know what they want from me
Or who they see
And just what I've got left for them
And me

World got my head uptight
It's too much to take sometimes
The street lights glow every night
But the shadows don't stay

Lowest to low
I'm reaching out for something new
I keep up with the times
But stay a drifter through and through

Don't no one take a thing from me
That I don't give
Except this little life I put aside
To live
Track Name: Tend the Blacktop
So this is where you had to be
Heart on a string, tied for all the world to see
Praying it won't break

I used to wish for happenstance
To live and die with real romance
God help me if I don't know what that takes

Back home, things were so serene
With no starting gun, gotta catch up with this dream
If it's not too late
And time in time will fall upon these towers I've been leaning on

But which will be the last one standing straight?

Well, someday light will come to reap
This midnight veil, so you know we gotta keep
Holding brave till then

I think I've got these sidewalks down
And I love them, though I fear this town
Gonna kill the flower child I've never been